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zebra dress

zebra dress

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An elegant modern evening dress that fits (engagement dress-bridesmaid dress-private and public parties )

Off-the-shoulder Diq dress with a thigh-high slit

Padded side tail (balcran) 125 cm long

Materials used

Details are made of glass beads, Crystal, lightning

Executed on high-quality tulle fabric

The dress is lined with comfortable satin fabric

Possibility of modification

The modification can be made according to the customer's request

Duration of execution and shipment

Product completion period is 15 days

Product shipping time is 20 days

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Measurment guide

Method of measurement:

Please follow the following instructions:

Chest circumference :

Please take the measurement on thin clothes that are not loose and not thick

Wear an unlined bra

Your dress will have a built-in bra

Relax your arms to the side

Wrap the measuring roller around the most plump part of the chest circumference

Waist circumference :

Bend towards one of the sides until you find the natural bend of your waist

This is the smallest area of the waist

Wrap the measuring roller from this point around the waist

Leave the measuring roller slightly relaxed to breathe

Buttock circumference :

Stand with your feet joined together

Wrap the measuring roller around the most filled areas of the sides and butt

The tape measure must pass the two bones of the sides

Total length :

Stand up straight with feet joined

Measure while you are barefoot without shoes

Do the measurement starting from the middle of the collarbone down to the floor

Arm length :

Place the measuring roller from the head of the shoulder to the wrist bone

Bend the arm forward at an angle of 90 and pass the measuring roller on the side of the elbow bone

See the attached photo

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